Charlotte's Bestie Mel Weeps Over Dad Tribute Tattoo | Sweetest Portrait Tattoos | Just Tattoo Of Us


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  • curt wall
    curt wall  5 days back

    How does frankie and callum best know each other?

    • swinsofthe peace
      swinsofthe peace  7 days back

      Pink shirt dude is a douche.

      • Crystal Bethany
        Crystal Bethany  2 weeks back

        Is dat Frankie Cocanza

        • Whalesnamedshark
          Whalesnamedshark  2 months back

          That ham planet needs to eat a carrot

          • Sophia Bogle
            Sophia Bogle  3 months back

            i knw the feeling Mel... my dad died and i still miss him...

            • 600firefly1
              600firefly1  3 months back

              Thought Mel and Charlotte hated each other. They definitely low key still do.

              • Bethie Kitch
                Bethie Kitch  2 months back

                600firefly1 yeah they still do, this is an old episode

            • Tria Stormy
              Tria Stormy  3 months back

              Awww tribute to parents love it

              • Hedwigtsm
                Hedwigtsm  3 months back

                Honestly Charlotte doesn't deserve all the hate she gets, shes gorgeous and funny. Just tattoo of us would not be the same at all without her. I adore her

                • ufson
                  ufson  2 weeks back

                  She and the accent are the only reasons i watch this shit:D

                • Dixie Normus
                  Dixie Normus  1 months back

                  I really like her too! She has such a big personality and I’m living for it

                • PolskiZiemniak Xd
                  PolskiZiemniak Xd  2 months back

                  Hedwigtsm She’s annoying

                • Kirb Bee
                  Kirb Bee  2 months back

                  Me too! I think she’s a sweet person

                • Nyezi Dlamini
                  Nyezi Dlamini  3 months back

                  @Hedwigtsm Okusalayo she is still fucking annoying. There you have it, ANNOYING!!

              • Random uchiha
                Random uchiha  3 months back

                Bruh that girl’s lip is disgusting

                • K G
                  K G  3 months back

                  Ohhh.. haha

                • Random uchiha
                  Random uchiha  3 months back

                  K G the lady host

                • R K
                  R K  3 months back

                  Lmao agreed

                • K G
                  K G  3 months back


              • Art is Kinda Fun
                Art is Kinda Fun  3 months back

                The dad tattoo was so cute but, come on Charlotte what are u saying? “Mel’s dad men’a worl oo a” 😂😂

                • Maria Xo
                  Maria Xo  3 months back

                  Art is Kinda Fun LMAO!!!😂😂😂

              • Txmsin
                Txmsin  3 months back

                1:52 IM DEAD-

                • Karls Life
                  Karls Life  3 months back

                  What type of moron would go on this show.


                  • Subhagato Adak
                    Subhagato Adak  3 months back


                    • yuisaway
                      yuisaway  3 months back

                      Count from 40 i-

                      • Morgan Blanchard
                        Morgan Blanchard  3 months back


                        • karanika _
                          karanika _  3 months back

                          First comment❤🔥