Jaymi Hensley Is In Shock Over Nerdy Tattoo From His Bro | Best Sibling Tattoos | Just Tattoo Of Us


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  • Babs Champagne
    Babs Champagne  2 days back

    This idiot host is seriously calling someone a loser bcuz they have a hobby and like smart things, unlike him?

    • J Kingz254
      J Kingz254  6 days back

      Am literally watching this at 3am am obsessed with tattoos😄😄

      • Mrs Grotbag
        Mrs Grotbag  2 weeks back

        I absolutely hate bear hs so over the top how anyone can find him attractive is beyond me and Charlotte has the loudest most disgusting accent ever shes so plastic and crude their awfull, I like watching tattoo programs but I cringe at this , so dont watch it, due to the awfull two some they r the perfect two skanky duo

        • Toni Lee
          Toni Lee  3 weeks back

          But he cries about the cookie... fkn typical man

          • Dixie Normus
            Dixie Normus  1 months back

            I’m jealous of the space tattoo lol. I got a watercolour tattoo with the same colours and it looks like garbage 😂

            • Jade Welch
              Jade Welch  2 months back

              *I legit thought it was a cat playing with a tampon string!*

              • Clorox Chips
                Clorox Chips  2 months back

                Omg I love that tattoo

                • Jay Saturn
                  Jay Saturn  2 months back

                  I like the space tattoo

                  • Sarah Bussanmas
                    Sarah Bussanmas  2 months back

                    They count from 10 I skip ahead 10 seconds and they're still at 4 lol

                    • Coco
                      Coco  1 months back


                  • Kjonez
                    Kjonez  2 months back

                    I really like the space tattoo

                    • Catlynn Yates
                      Catlynn Yates  3 months back

                      i have a cat just like that(3 actually) i got a tattoo for one that passed, but i want a cat shrine of tattoos. i like the idea. not even kidding

                      • London London UK
                        London London UK  3 months back

                        You guys are so great 😀 on YouTube nice one ☝️ girls and boys 🌹🥂🌹🥂🍺🥂🌹🥂🌹🥂🌹🥂🍺🌹🍺🌹🍺🌹🍺🌹🍺🌹🏆🥇🥇👍👍😘😘 great job

                      • A R
                        A R  3 months back

                        Lol I thought the cat tattoo was a douche bag, like a literal douche. Then it focused and got closer and I realized what it was.

                        • THE REAL KING FRANCES
                          THE REAL KING FRANCES  3 months back

                          The dude with his fingernails painted should never call anyone a loser...

                        • THE REAL KING FRANCES
                          THE REAL KING FRANCES  3 months back


                          • Superman23
                            Superman23  3 months back

                            Who defunk it 😂😂😂

                            • Superman23
                              Superman23  3 months back

                              @Laraib you're welcome 😂😁👍

                            • Laraib
                              Laraib  3 months back

                              Superman23 I was looking for a comment about that 😂

                          • Lemon Demon
                            Lemon Demon  3 months back

                            every single time I'm like " and now you may remove your fuck goggles "
                            only me?

                            • Angtuongmwini Kuwabong
                              Angtuongmwini Kuwabong  3 months back

                              I honestly prefer the nice tattoos

                              • tim dicks
                                tim dicks  3 months back


                              • little_eskimo_93
                                little_eskimo_93  3 months back

                                The face on the last tattoo was not well done

                                • Mwanaheri Jung
                                  Mwanaheri Jung  3 months back

                                  I like The Space tatto is so Nice

                                  • Random uchiha
                                    Random uchiha  3 months back

                                    The lady host lips are still disgusting

                                    • adam gould
                                      adam gould  3 months back

                                      What is with the bloke host and his always with his hands on the side of his head shock look ?! And his fucking shirt omg do they make them for men ??

                                      • Soapxx y
                                        Soapxx y  3 months back

                                        Dope 🤟🏻

                                        • suziefleur
                                          suziefleur  3 months back